7 – 11 November 2022, Pisa

Higgs 2022

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Welcome to Higgs 2022

It is a great pleasure to announce the Higgs 2022 Conference that will take place in the on-site format.

The conference will focus on new experimental and theoretical results on the Higgs boson.

Latest measurement of the Higgs boson properties and recent theoretical developments in the Higgs boson sector, in the Standard Model and in physics Beyond the Standard Model will be presented and discussed at the Conference.

Contributions will be organised in several parallel and plenary sessions.

During the the Conference, the ten years anniversary of Higgs boson discovery will be celebrated with general public and social events.

The conference is planned to be kept in hybrid format with a substantial in-person participation, in compliance with the relevant COVID-19 regulations at the time of the meeting.

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